What is Medical Hypnosis?

Does the word “hypnosis” make you skeptically raise your eyebrows? You’re not alone.

Most people think of wacky hypnotists in capes and weird hats swinging a pocket watch in front of someone and telling them to cluck like a chicken.

That is NOT what this is.

Medical hypnosis—also known as clinical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, visualization, and guided imagery—simply involves creating a highly focused state of mind that allows you to access your internal ability to change a pattern of thinking and behaviors. Patients choose a specific therapeutic goal (“I want to have dry nights”) and are taught to create a positive experience, in their minds, that allows them to realize that they are able to do things that they previously were not aware that they could do.

It is a learned skill that is strengthened with continued practice.

When Dr. Lazarus sees patients who are motivated and have no other medical or psychological problems, they typically have significant improvement in keeping the bed dry after only 2 to 3 visits!

Plus, there are no medications and it is quite empowering!

There have been several studies about the different treatments for bedwetting, including hypnosis. Click below to view a presentation summarizing the research.

See for yourself how Keeping the Bed Dry® can help your child overcome bedwetting for good: