It’s time for your child to keep the bed dry with bedwetting solutions that actually work.

Here's how Keeping the Bed Dry® works...

Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal articles support our approach:

Keeping the Bed Dry® Online Bedwetting Solutions

Self-paced training videos

The program consists of 4 video lessons, which are simple, short, and digestible and range from 1-17 minutes in length. Your child can work through the bedwetting solutions at their own pace as Dr. Lazarus directs them step by step.

Multiple Formats

No matter how you (your child) prefers to learn–computer, tablet, or phone–we have you covered with a program formatted for all your devices.

Downloadable Worksheets

Fun and easy-to-understand and -complete homework assignments help reinforce the skills your child learned from Dr. Lazarus and allows her to track the progress and celebrate the wins.

*Over 50% of purchases were recommended by health care professionals.

Research Scientists Agree: Keeping the Bed Dry® is Medically Proven as an Effective Bedwetting Solution.

We always knew that Keeping the Bed Dry® had helped hundreds of families (see our testimonials), and a recently published medical study gave us data proving it’s effectiveness for treating bedwetting. 

“Self-Guided Medical Hypnosis Will Improve the Number of Dry Days Per Month in Children with PMNE (Bedwetting)” was published in Clinical Pediatrics, a well-respected, peer-reviewed medical journal.

In this study, Keeping the Bed Dry® was used to evaluate the effectiveness of medical hypnosis as a first-line therapy in children with bedwetting. This means that no other methods had been tried prior to using the program. The usual bedwetting solutions are the bed alarm or desmopressin (DDAVP).  

Children, aged 8-15 years, were in the study. Prior to using the program, the average number of dry nights per month was 8.

One month after using the program, this increased to 13, and the 3rd month average was 16 dry nights.

This means that on average, participants doubled their dry nights!

Because the patients did this on their own, with no other interventions, they felt proud and empowered.

Dr. Bayne stated, “If one were to craft an ideal treatment for children with PMNE (bedwetting), it would likely be risk free, effective at reducing wet nights, minimally impactful on child and family, eliminate transportation barriers, and be cost effective at the same time improving self-esteem and the overall quality of life for the child.  This program seems to meet those criteria.”

“Since the therapy is done entirely by the child, without physician or parent intervention, with the ease of using an online format, we suggest this be considered as a first line therapy for PMNE (bedwetting) in select motivated children.”

~ Dr. Aaron Bayne, MD
Pediatric Urologist 
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

The research study was conducted by the Division of Pediatric Urology at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon under the leadership of Dr. Aaron Bayne, MD, pediatric urologist and Associate Professor of Urology at Oregon Health and Science University.

His study showed that Keeping the Bed Dry® was as effective as medication or the bedwetting alarm.

Dr. Bayne feels that Keeping the Bed Dry® empowers individuals because they can say, “I did this on my own,” with no medication and no alarm. And, this increases their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Here’s what happy parents have to say about Keeping the Bed Dry®

This has been great for our 7-year-old. He’s been dry most nights now after completing the program.”

- KTBD Family

As of today, which is 6 months after we started the program, I’m so glad to report that my daughter has been dry the past 2 months! So, she became completely dry in less than 4 months!"

- Parent of 9-year-old

We felt alone in this until we found Dr. Lazarus and his program. The method is a guiding light and touchstone that my son has woven into his psyche. It changed his life. It changed all of our lives. Thank you."

- Parent of 14-year-old

All doubt as to if it works or not left me when I saw my son take control of something that had control of him. I was so proud of him and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lazarus for caring enough about my son to share this gift with him."

- Parent of 9-year-old

This experience has boosted my son’s confidence... he feels empowered, capable and grown-up. He wakes up strutting in his boxers in the morning, instead of hiding in the corner, peeling off a wet Pull-Up."

- Pediatrician and Mom