"Watching this program seemed to be the only thing that helped my 10 year old son, and he had pretty much lost hope before watching it. My son was very resistant to the program. It was a struggle just to get him to watch it, and he did not really follow most of the instructions. Still, despite all of that, he sat through it and miraculously started to have fewer wetting accidents as soon as he started watching. The number of accidents continued to decrease over the next few weeks. Two months after completing the program, he still occasionally has accidents, but he went from nearly every night to maybe once a week at most, so we are extremely grateful!"

- Parent of 10 year old

"This has been great for our 7 year old. He's been dry most nights now after completing the program."

- Parent of 7 year old

"Dear Dr. Lazarus,

I wanted to let you know how your video “Keeping the Bed Dry” helped my son in so many ways. When he was 3, my son was completely potty-trained during the day. By 5 years old, he was dry at night. However, he became ill and needed to be hospitalized at that age. He left the hospital on medications that he took for many months, some of which made him gain weight. With this, he also began wetting the bed again at night. It was a source of shame for him, and it frustrated him that he could not have sleepovers with his friends. His younger sister became dry overnight in the meantime, and this further bothered him and made him feel ashamed.

As a Pediatrician and mother of five children, I felt I needed to explore every opportunity to assist him in getting dry. We tried everything to help: We were waking him at midnight and walking him (like a zombie) to the potty, but he didn’t even remember going when he woke up in the morning, and he had still filled his Pull-Up. We tried setting an alarm so that he would take more responsibility for waking himself, but most of the time one of his siblings tired of hearing the buzzing and got up to turn it off after about 5-10 minutes of him sleeping right through the noise. We tried DDAVP (Desmopressin), and maxed out on the dose, but no change occurred. We went to see the urologist, and were told everything was normal. Because we have a strong family history (on both sides) of nighttime wetting, we had just about resigned ourselves to buying Pull-Ups indefinitely. Then, at 9 years old, my son announced he wanted to go to sleep-away camp. So we did some research and found Dr. Lazarus’ video.

My husband and I watched the first portion without our son. Then we watched the next chapters with him. We encouraged him to draw the pictures, do the exercises, practice the mindfulness, and void an extra time before climbing into bed for the night. We also made a beaded bracelet that read, “I got this” to remind him to start and stop the stream during daytime voids to strengthen the muscle and the connection to the brain. It also served to reinforce his autonomy with this undertaking, basically saying that he (not his mom or dad) has this under control. We did not remind him or wake him throughout the night. From the first time he watched the video; he was dry overnight. It has been 3 weeks and we have had only 1 accident (after which he stripped his own bed and announced “I’ll get it right tomorrow night”). No tears, no blaming, no fighting, and no falling apart.

This experience has boosted my son’s confidence in ways that I did not anticipate— he is proud of himself, and feels empowered and capable and grown-up. He wakes up strutting in his boxers in the morning, instead of hiding in the corner, peeling off a wet Pull-Up. What a remarkable talent you have, and what a difference it can make in a child’s life."

- Pediatrician and Mom from Cleveland, Ohio

"All doubt as to if it works or not left me when I saw my son take control of something that had control of him. I was so proud of him and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lazarus for caring enough about my son to share this gift with him."

- Mother of 9 Year Old Jason

"At age 14, my son had been wet at night always with no end in sight. Having undergone several surgeries and medical procedures when he was younger, including tethered cord surgery, we were not sure he would ever achieve nighttime dryness. Dr. Lazarus’s “Keeping the Bed Dry” program stood out on a laundry list of standard recommendations given to us as closing paperwork at one urology practice. We had tried everything else on that list, so after about 10 months of consideration, my son was finally ready to commit to the program. In a few weeks time, he was dry! It felt like a miracle. I was personally so relieved and grateful to have found a solution—and to have found a source of support. There are no guarantees when it comes to tethered cord surgeries, and no one makes any promises about the outcomes or offers any continued support. We felt alone in this until we found Dr. Lazarus and his program. The method is a guiding light and touchstone that my son has woven into his psyche. It changed his life. It changed all of our lives. Thank you."

- Mother of a 14-year-old

"Joe is a 10-year-old boy who had never been dry at night. At the first meeting, he talked with Dr. Lazarus and received some 'homework'. When he returned the following week, he had been dry five out of seven nights! At the second visit, he learned self-hypnosis, and he has been dry ever since. He chose not to return for a third visit because he had cured himself."

- Mother of 10 Year Old Joe

"Our son Phillip wet the bed until he was 10 years old. We purchased expensive bedwetting alarms that were uncomfortable to sleep with. We attempted medications, but constantly worried about the dangerous side-effects associated with them. The physical toll that it took on all of us in sleep disturbance and anxiety was uncomfortable, but the psychological toll that it took on Phillip was so much worse. We, as parents, watched helplessly, not knowing what else to try.

Phillip had worked successfully with Dr. Lazarus for control of his tics due to Tourette syndrome, and when we discovered that similar techniques could be used for enuresis we knew we had to try. While we had great faith in this technique to reduce the bedwetting, we were floored by the results post-session.

As much as I believed in Dr. Lazarus’ methods, I would never have imagined such incredible, expedient, and long lasting results after only one visit—particularly after the number of things we had tried previously. However, experiencing is believing!! The technique works!!"

- Parents of 10 Year Old Phillip


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