Child & Teen Bedwetting

Child and Teen Bedwetting (or “nocturnal enuresis” as we call it in medicine,) is more common than you might think.

5-10% of 7-year-olds experience it, and 5% of 10-year-olds

3% of teenagers still wet the bed

Nocturnal enuresis is one of the more frequent and, for the children, the most critical problem they encounter in their lives.

Dalia Spisak, RN, MSN, CPNP Pediatric Urology Nurse Practitioner, Retired

If you’ve seen clinicians for child & teen bedwetting, you’ve probably been recommended either medication or an alarm.

Unfortunately, medication can have side effects, which in my mind, make it a last resort. Depending upon which study one reads, medication provides 1-2 more dry nights per week than placebo, but when the medication is discontinued, virtually all of these kids start to have accidents again. Another study stated that medication helps ⅓ of patients, has no effect on ⅓ of patients, and is somewhere in between with the last third.

There is also quite a high placebo effect when using medication, as high as 59%.

With nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, the alarm works in about 2/3 of children, but half of them wind up wetting the bed again when they stop using it. It can also take up to 4 months to work, and requires a lot of parental involvement and supervision… not to mention waking up the entire household!

Many families discontinue using the bed alarm systems within one month as they find them disruptive to the family's sleep.

William Kennedy, MD, and Sarah Oppenheim, MS, RN, CPNP Pediatric Urology Specialists at Stanford Children’s Health
The problem with medication and the alarm is that they don’t teach kids how to be dry on their own by paying attention to their own, natural body signals.

The Keeping the Bed Dry® program has been shown to work faster than an alarm...

In fact, your child could be dry as soon as tonight!

If your child is motivated to stop wetting the bed, then Keeping the Bed Dry®‘s process is the easiest, simplest, fastest, and most effective way to help them. I invite you to provide this opportunity to rid your life of child or teen bedwetting for good.

Child and Teen Bedwetting can prevent overnight activities such as camping