World Bedwetting Day: Creating Negative Expectations?

By Jeffrey Lazarus, MD, FAAP

Is that a good name for this day? I don’t think so!

Because, as my teacher and mentor, Michael Yapko, PhD, taught me, “What you focus on, you amplify.” Do you want to focus on something negative, or on something positive?

If I tell you, “Don’t think of a white horse, Don’t think of a white horse, Don’t think of a white horse…” What are you thinking about right now?

A white horse, of course!!!

And I don’t like to use the term “bedwetting,” as it has a negative connotation and focuses on the problem, and not on the solution.

Now, what if instead of focusing on stopping that bedwetting, you focus on being dry at night? That conjures up a totally different mindset, doesn’t it?

It’s what we call a “positive reframe.” This means that you are looking at the problem differently, with a more optimistic perspective.

This is why I named my online, video-streamed home program “Keeping the Bed Dry®.” And this is also the terminology I use when I treat patients privately.

Either way, the goal is to help kids help themselves. And when they become dry, their confidence and self-esteem soar, and they feel empowered.

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Jeff Lazarus, MD