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A comprehensive program that incorporates medical hypnosis to help children and adolescents keep the bed dry at night.

"As a Pediatrician and mother of five children, I felt I needed to explore every opportunity to assist our son with getting dry. We tried everything and nothing helped, so we did some research and found Dr. Lazarus' video...
From the first time our son watched the video, he was dry overnight."

Pediatrician and Mom from Cleveland, Ohio
Are you feeling frustrated and disappointed ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S BEDWETTING?
Is your child feeling

Keeping the Bed Dry® teaches your child a natural bedwetting solution through the use of self-hypnosis.
Keeping the Bed Dry® is a comprehensive video program that incorporates medical hypnosis to help children and adolescents keep the bed dry at night – and enjoy the activities all their friends are experiencing!

Why spend hundreds of dollars on invasive alarms or medication that may have harmful side effects? For much less, you can purchase this natural solution that can be completed in the privacy of your own home.

Keeping the Bed Dry® provides an empowering solution to overcome bedwetting. And it’s supported by a money-back guarantee!




There have been several studies about different treatments, including hypnosis, for bedwetting.
Information for parents:
  • The causes of bedwetting
  • What medical hypnosis is, how it works, and the role it can play in keeping the bed dry
  • Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis
Patient Visit Sections Include:
  • Statistics about the prevalence of bedwetting
  • Explanation of the brain-bladder biofeedback system
  • A typical hypnosis, or guided imagery, session focusing on bedwetting
  • Homework “assignments” designed to help patients think about bedwetting in different ways
  • Examples of completed homework
  • Suggestions for long-term success

Helping kids

help themselves.

What families can expect from

Keeping the Bed Dry®

This program is designed and formatted for parents to watch in its entirety first. After viewing the program, parents should watch the patient visit sections with their child. To ensure that the patient visit sections are as real as possible, Dr. Lazarus speaks as if he were talking directly to a patient in his office.
"Families can expect to learn an approach that has provided countless patients an amazingly effective treatment for bedwetting. It’s a program that my patients and their families have told me ‘really makes a difference.’
-Jeffrey Lazarus, MD, FAAP

Money back



This video is designed to be watched once a week for four weeks. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can take advantage of the 45-day money back guarantee.
The 45-day window begins on the date of purchase. Please click here to request the money back guarantee.


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Medical hypnosis shows patients that they have the ability and power to gain control over their bodies and life challenges. This raises self-esteem and awareness, builds confidence, and gives a sense of mastery and hope. Plus, it’s fun! And, there are no side effects!

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