Keeping the Bed Dry® is the only medically proven bedwetting hypnosis program to treat nocturnal enuresis in children & teens.

Using this groundbreaking bedwetting hypnosis program, your child can stop wetting the bed, improve their self-esteem, and avoid using expensive experts, alarms, or medication.

See what The Journal of Pediatric Urology editors say about the Keeping the Bed Dry® program:

“The bottom line is that this is a risk-free therapeutic option that shows promise, and assuming cost can be managed, should be added to the armamentarium as first line therapy for monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis [bedwetting].” 

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Created by renowned medical hypnotherapist & pediatrician Jeff Lazarus, MD, Keeping the Bed Dry® teaches your child a natural bedwetting solution through self-hypnosis.

Are you feeling frustrated and upset about your child’s bedwetting?

Do they wake up feeling embarrassed and discouraged about their condition?

Our simple program, when practiced regularly, has been proven to double the number of dry nights a child experiences each month, with dramatic improvements made as quickly as the first night.

Most doctors recommend costly medications or disruptive alarms, which can make children dependent on external factors in order to remain dry.

Keeping the Bed Dry® has been medically proven to reduce bedwetting without the need for medication or alarms.

Keeping the Bed Dry® empowers children & adolescents to stay dry using proven bedwetting hypnosis techniques, which give them a sense of accomplishment in being able to say “I did this on my own!”

Results many parents see after implementing this simple 4-video program include…

See for yourself how this unique bedwetting hypnosis treatment can combat nocturnal enuresis & help your child stay dry:

Bedwetting Hypnosis as Taught by Keeping the Bed Dry® has been Medically Proven as an Effective Treatment by Research Scientists.

We always knew that Keeping the Bed Dry® had helped hundreds of families (see our testimonials), and published medical studies have been giving us data proving its effectiveness for treating bedwetting. 

Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal articles supporting our approach:

Here’s what happy parents have to say about Keeping the Bed Dry®

Within the first month of starting the program, she was waking up dry 50%, when prior to that she wasn’t able to stay dry at all.

As of today, which is 6 months after we started the program, I’m so glad to report that my daughter has been dry the past 2 months! So, she became completely dry in less than 4 months!

— Parent of 9-year-old

Watching this program was the only thing that helped my 10 year old son.

Two months after completing the program, he still occasionally has accidents, but he went from nearly every night to maybe once a week at most, so we are extremely grateful!

— Parent of 10-year-old

All doubt as to if it works or not left me when I saw my son take control of something that had control of him.

I was so proud of him and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lazarus for caring enough about my son to share this gift with him.

— Parent of 9-year-old

This experience has boosted my son’s confidence in ways that I did not anticipate.

He is proud of himself, and feels empowered and capable and grown-up. He wakes up strutting in his boxers in the morning, instead of hiding in the corner, peeling off a wet Pull-Up.

— Mom & Pediatrician

We are now just over 2 months into using the program and in the last 30 days, he has only had 3 accidents.

We are overjoyed with this progress and I am sure it will continue to improve until he no longer has accidents at all. I honestly would not have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself.

— Parent of 11-year-old