Parents of 10 Year Old Phillip


“Our son Phillip wet the bed until he was 10 years old. We purchased expensive bedwetting alarms that were uncomfortable to sleep with. We attempted medications, but constantly worried about the dangerous side-effects associated with them. The physical toll that it took on all of us in sleep disturbance and anxiety was uncomfortable, but the psychological toll that it took on Phillip was so much worse. We, as parents, watched helplessly, not knowing what else to try.

Phillip had worked successfully with Dr. Lazarus for control of his tics due to Tourette syndrome, and when we discovered that similar techniques could be used for enuresis we knew we had to try. While we had great faith in this technique to reduce the bedwetting, we were floored by the results post-session.

As much as I believed in Dr. Lazarus’ methods, I would never have imagined such incredible, expedient, and long lasting results after only one visit—particularly after the number of things we had tried previously. However, experiencing is believing!! The technique works!!”


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